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Lead-Free Cast Bronze Bushings Manufacturer for Worm Gears & Military Defense Applications

Tim Robbins / February 17, 2020

Despite the anti-friction and anti-wear properties of bearing alloys, lead is considered an environmentally hazardous material. Lead-free replacement alloys are now mandatory for manufacturers that produce for military-grade or aerospace applications, as well as any gears that may come into contact with humans. This demand makes it a difficult task, as not many military casting manufacturers produce lead-free castings, and those that do are typically costly. Erie Bronze & Aluminum is a premium lead-free cast bronze manufacturer that produces superior bushings for various military and defense applications, as well as gears, including worm gears, spur gears, helical gears, and more.

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Why Lead-Free Bronze Bushings? The Safe Drinking Water Act, RoHS Compliance & Other Lead-Free Regulations

Today, companies are having to use lead-free alloys to manufacture for aerospace, military-grade, industrial, and commercial applications to eliminate any potential exposure to lead-poisoning. Specifically, the EPA created The Safe Drinking Water Act (2014), which requires all cast components that are used in potable water applications, including worm gears, contain less than 0.25% lead. The new “lead-free” law is much stricter than past federal requirements which allowed a lead content of up to 8%. Any materials used for installation or repair, including pipes, pipe fittings, plumbing fittings, and plumbing fixtures must be compliant with this new “lead-free” regulation.

In addition to The Safe Drinking Water Act, many military-grade and aerospace applications must also comply with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). The RoHS department restricts the use of ten hazardous materials, one of them being lead, commonly found in electronic products.

Both standards have had a large effect on many of the bronze and brass bushing manufacturers that used lead in any human contact-based applications. Lead is used in various alloys, including C17300 (leaded beryllium copper) and C19160 (leaded nickel-copper), for a variety of reasons, and the removal of this element can greatly affect the properties of these alloys. EBA creates quality bronze bushings for spur gears, aerospace applications, and government-regulated applications that are within the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act and RoHS compliance by using aluminum bronze, tin bronze, and other types of bronze alloys.

Gear Manufacturer | Lead-Free Cast Bronze Bushings for Worm Gears, Spur Gears & More

Copper and copper alloys have long been very important materials for pipes, fittings, faucets, and plumbing components. The Safe Drinking Water Act has raised concerns about the durability and strength of the alloys casting manufacturers are using to comply.

EBA offers alloys such as C90700 (Tin Bronze 907) and C87500 (Silicon Bronze 875), which have exceptional lubricity, tightness, wear, strength, hardness, and machinability when compared to copper alloys. The quality of these alloys remain exceptional, while the EPA’s concerns surrounding the use of lead in end products, like faucets, disappear. Erie Bronze & Aluminum produces a wide variety of gear types, including:

  • Worm Gears
  • Spur Gears
  • Helical Gears
  • Internal Gears
  • Sprockets
  • Bevel Gears Assemblies
  • Gear Racks & more

Our engineers at EBA know that excellence in gear manufacturing is directly related to in-field performance for all applications. Combining our gear manufacturing experience of over 30 years with the quality of lead-free alloys we use to eliminate any hazards, Erie Bronze & Aluminum produces longer-lasting parts to suit all companies’ needs.

Aircraft Bushings & Bearings for Military-Grade Applications

Not only has “The Safe Water Act” been implemented for many military and aerospace applications, but manufacturers must also adhere to RoHS standards. Many dangerous substances that RoHS seeks to control are found in a wide range of applications used in the military. Lead, one of these restricted substances, can be found in aircraft components (axle bearings and bushings), batteries, cameras, and other electronic components.

At Erie Bronze & Aluminum, we specialize in eliminating lead in aircraft brakes, wheels, drive plates, replacement sleeves, and axle bearing sleeves. We also create lead-free bushings for electronic military-grade field components (scanners, power cords, etc.). EBA’s impressive materials warehouse provides instant access to alloys with specific mechanical and physical properties, allowing quick turnaround times. For military-grade and aerospace components, Erie Bronze & Aluminum utilizes specific alloys that are abrasive and wear-resistant. These alloys need to have high-strength capabilities under significant loads. Our materials list includes C95800 nickel-aluminum bronze as per MIL-B-24480, C86300 manganese bronze as per SAE 430 B, and C90500 copper-tin bronze as per AMS 4845 amongst others.

A Superior Lead-Free Bronze Casting Manufacturer in the Industrial & Military Industries

At Erie Bronze & Aluminum, we are well aware of the effect that each integrated component has on the total system performance, which is why we are dedicated to achieving the highest levels of quality and accuracy possible. Our machined components are subjected to comprehensive testing and inspection protocol. We subscribe to a zero-defects program, consistently meeting customers’ requirements for quality acceptance. For more about our lead-free cast bronze manufacturing for bushings found in industrial, aerospace, military, and commercial industries, please contact us directly.

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