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A Trusted Foundry for Any Aluminum Bearing Manufacturer to Work With

Tim Robbins / February 1, 2024
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A Trusted Foundry for Any Aluminum Bearing Manufacturer to Work With

Quality aluminum bearings start out as quality castings. Erie Bronze and Aluminum is a PA-based foundry known for casting aluminum in popular specs. We are experienced in working with aluminum bearing manufacturers in industries ranging from Defense to oil and gas and beyond. You can rely on our expert team to not only provide you with corrosion resistant aluminum castings but to also provide value added services including rough machining of those castings that will make contracting us especially valuable.

To learn more about the aluminum alloys we cast, the industries we serve, and the specialized services we provide, you can continue reading below, and we also recommend exploring our website if you want to learn more before getting in touch. If you are an aluminum bearing manufacturer who values quality and reliability, we are confident that you will love working with our team.

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Casting Aluminum from a Variety of Alloys Include 850, 852, and 443

Not only are we familiar with alloying aluminum in accordance with these specifications, but we can do so in-house. Controlling the bearing manufacturing process from alloying through casting allows us to maintain strict oversight of quality. Being a well-equipped foundry also helps us to complete jobs quickly. Instead of relying on external partners to alloy your aluminum or handle other crucial steps involved in the casting process, we perform this work in-house. Among the extremely wide range of machinable aluminum alloys we cast are 850, 852, and aluminum 443. If you contract us to cast a particular aluminum, we will use advanced testing tools to make sure it is alloyed correctly before any casting work begins.

Rough Machining Aluminum Castings to Your Bearing Size Specifications

After casting the aluminum alloy your bearing specs call for, we can also have the casting rough machined so it will be delivered in a size that is close to its final dimensions. This step will allow you to receive a casting that is ready for precision machining, reducing the time needed for it to become a functional bearing. Our goal is to provide you with an aluminum casting that is as close as possible to the finished bearing you envision, so be sure to ask us about rough machining solutions when you request a quote.

Our Bearings Can Serve Naval Use, Oil and Gas Applications, and the Chemical Industry

Bearings expected to be exposed to corrosives must be alloyed and cast correctly to ensure proper functioning in their intended environment. At Erie Bronze and Aluminum, we have decades of experience working with manufacturers in the Naval, Oil and Gas, Chemical industry, and other demanding markets. Our aluminum castings have been machined into parts that are used in HVAC components, electric motors, engines, and more. When an aluminum bearing manufacturer is making bearings destined for environments where corrosives and wear are expected, trust Erie Bronze to provide the casting needed to manufacture it correctly.

Give Erie Bronze a Call to Request an Aluminum Casting Quote

If you are an aluminum bearing manufacturer Erie Bronze and Aluminum wants to serve you. To request a quote for your bearing’s aluminum casting, you can give us a call or send us your drawings and any additional information you may have via the contact form on our website. We want to provide you with the high-quality aluminum castings your company needs to manufacture corrosion resistant and durable aluminum bearings. Given our decades of experience, we are confident that we can accomplish this for you quickly and for a competitive price.

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