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At Erie Bronze & Aluminum, we specialize in brass and bronze sand castings used in a variety of industrial applications around the world. As a bronze casting company, we are experts in helping you choose the proper alloy for your casting. Types of bronze alloys we manufacture include: Aluminum Bronze, Manganese Bronze, Tin Bronze, and Silicon Bronze. The markets we serve are a testament to the quality bronze castings we provide. In addition to bronze sand castings, we are also a manufacturer of Aluminum Tubes & Rings rough machined, and used as bearings, labyrinth seals, and bearing housings. Our proprietary process – an improvement on centrifugal casting – in three hard to find Aluminum Alloys puts us above the rest. These aluminum alloys include AL850, AL852, and AL443. While we do not pour AL6061, the previously listed alloys can provide superior machinability and lubricity to AL6061.

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Our Capabilities

Bronze Sand Castings

Erie Bronze & Aluminum has over 100 years of experience in bronze sand casting. EBA bronze alloy sand castings are crucial components in products all over the world. With state-of-the-art molding and melting facilities, including automated molding lines, cope drag molding lines, and six electric furnaces with up to 2000lbs in melting capacity. We pride ourselves in advising our clients on the best bronze alloy for their individual needs. The markets we serve include defense, power generation, glass container, and machinery manufacturing, and are a testament to the quality of our bronze castings.

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Aluminum Castings for Labyrinth Seals and Bearings

Erie Bronze & Aluminum manufactures rough machined aluminum tubes/rings used to produce labyrinth seals, bearings, and bearing housings. We supply custom sizes to your required dimensions to help cut down on your machining. The three aluminum alloys we produce in our foundry are 850, 852, and 443. These alloys have excellent labyrinth seal and bearing qualities, good compressive yield strengths, and excellent lubricity and machinability as opposed to other materials like plastics and have higher performance in these applications than AL6061.

Glass Container Moulds

EBA bronze castings glass container moulds are used worldwide for neck rings, bottle moulds, bottom plates, and baffles. Neck Rings can be supplied as cast, semi‐machined, or finish machined according to your needs. Our strict Quality Control system means that our glass container components are long-wearing and corrosion-resistant. EBA makes ongoing investments in the latest casting and moulding technology, which has resulted in shortened lead times, high repeatability, and lower costs, allowing us to be your best value in glass container moulds.

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Value Added Services

EBA offers add-on services for customers such as heat treating, machining, logistics, X-RAY, and LPI. We proudly commit to providing customers with the best service, technical expertise, and on time delivery by continually evaluating and improving our practices, technology, and equipment. Meeting the highest standards in customer care and product quality is our first priority.

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Your Trusted Supplier for Aluminum Bronze, Silicon Bronze and Other Bronze Castings

Located in historic Erie, Pennsylvania, we produce 100% American-made castings. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff takes the time to understand your requirements to provide the highest level of customer service. We work to provide high-quality casting services to a variety of essential industries. We are ITAR compliant and provide bronze casting for military and lead-free cast bronze bushings for defense applications. Beyond this, our castings are used in nautical, aerospace, glass manufacturing, power generation, among others. If you are looking for a quality supplier of brass and bronze castings, bottle moulds, or aluminum tubes, bushings, or bearings, contact Erie Bronze & Aluminum for your casting needs today.