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Manufacturer of Aluminum

Erie Bronze and Aluminum is the preferred aluminum casting supplier to manufacture rough machined castings for labyrinth seals, bearings, and bearing housings. EBA analyzes the chemistry of every heat poured and implores stringent processes to ensure the integrity of every part we cast.

EBA is the first US-based foundry to utilize a real time hydrogen Foundry Degassing Unit, the newest metal treatment and gas analyzing technology developed in Europe. Our proprietary casting process and degassing technology helps eliminate trapped gasses from the molten metal and assures uniform distribution of tin throughout the entire aluminum casting process.


Aluminum Supply

Erie Bronze & Aluminum’s metals are alloyed and tested on-site using our SPECTROLAB metal analyzer to meet the customer’s specification requirements. We test the chemistry of every ladle we pour, which allows us to use a variety of raw materials, keeping costs at a minimum.

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Custom Sizes

EBA is happy to produce custom parts based on customers’ unique needs. Our rough machined aluminum castings generally follow these specifications:

  • 2.00” O.D > 21.00” O.D. with a max length of 13”
  • 21.00” O.D > 27.00” O.D. with a max length of 7”
  • 27.0” > 37.50” O.D. with a max length of 6”
  • The inside diameter is machined to your specification.

We have the capability to customize the outside diameter, inside diameter, and the overall length of our rough machined aluminum castings in order to meet customer specifications.

custom sizes

Aluminum Tubing & Rings

Our aluminum tubes and rings are supplied rough machined in various lengths and diameters, customized to meet your specific dimensional needs. Heat treat is available to the T5 or T101 conditions. There is no minimum quantity; you can order 1 to 100 or more pieces in any size!

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machined part

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Types & Applications of Alloys

We have spent decades refining our proprietary process for three hard -to -pour aluminum alloys: 850, 852, and 443. These alloys are commonly used to produce bearings, bearing housings, and labyrinth seals. These special aluminum alloys allow us to manufacture castings with superior machinability, bearing quality, compressive yield strength, and lubricity compared to parts made from other materials like plastics and AL6061.

Data Sheets

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