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A Leader Among Bronze Foundries in PA

Tim Robbins / November 16, 2023

Erie Bronze: A Leader Among Bronze Foundries in PA

The Erie Bronze team has developed a reputation for quality, prompt casting work, and the ability to alloy a diverse variety of bronzes. These capabilities have helped us to become a leader among bronze foundries in PA. To learn about the expertise our foundry has developed throughout a century in business, you can continue reading. This article will help you get to know our skillset, the bronze alloys we can cast, and the equipment that allows our team to operate effectively. After you learn about our offering, we invite you to contact our PA based bronze foundry to quote your next casting job.

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Effective Use of Equipment Requires Skilled Employees

No matter how advanced our testing equipment, furnaces, and molding lines become, we know that human oversight is always in need. Erie Bronze has been in business for over 100 years and our team members maintain a wealth of experience performing industrial casting work.

We view our workforce as a key factor that distinguishes us as a leader among bronze foundries in PA. For example, our staff is skilled at alloying the various bronzes we offer, but they do not make assumptions about the makeup of these alloys. Instead, they utilize equipment like a metal analyzer made by SPECTROLAB to guarantee quality before casting begins. Our team also knows how to get the most out of our electric furnaces.

An Extensive Variety of Industrial Bronze Casting Solutions

Manufacturers in a wide range of industries have chosen Erie Bronze for their most demanding casting needs. Our foundry is skilled at casting bronze alloys that meet common ASTM sand casting specifications, ASME specs, and Mil-Specs. As an ITAR compliant foundry, defense contractors have sought us out to cast mil-spec work bronze alloys that comply with Mil-B-24480 Spec, MIL-STD-2175A, MIL-B-21230A, and more. We are well-versed in alloying bronze and completing casting work in adherence to dozens of industry specifications and welcome the chance to put our skills and equipment to work completing your next job.

Contract Our Foundry for Aluminum Bronze, Tin Bronze, Manganese Bronze, and More

Another way we stand out among bronze foundries in PA is in our ability to manufacture a range of bronze alloys. Our capabilities include casting aluminum bronzes, tin bronzes, manganese bronzes, and more. To provide specifics, examples of alloys our foundry is contracted to cast include 952, 953, and 954 aluminum bronze, 862, 863, and 865 manganese bronze, 903 and 905 tin bronze, and more. You can also contract our PA based foundry for silicon bronze castings include 873 and 875 alloys, which are typically used in precision pump and valve components as well as applications including bearing and gears.

A Bronze Foundry with External Manufacturing Relationships

When a foundry like ours takes on complex jobs, we know there can be a need for external help. Though we can handle alloying and casting in-house, we can also work with locally based machine shops to go beyond basic casting work to provide you with finished machined castings and more. Our foundry is focused on adding as much value to the casting process as possible and beyond machining solutions, we also can help with heat treating, non-destructive testing, and logistics solutions. Whether you only need bronze castings or would like us to provide additional services, Erie Bronze is ready to consider your job and provide you with a competitively priced quote.

You Deserve a Bronze Foundry that Puts Quality Above All Else

Having now shared details about the breadth of our capabilities as a foundry, we want to shift our focus to quality. When you contract Erie Bronze, you can do so knowing that every alloy we prepare and every casting we produce is done with strict oversight. We quote tight timeframes for even the most demanding casting jobs and lean on our experience and QA program to make sure they are honored without an impact on quality. Reach out now to see how efficiently our foundry can complete your next casting job.

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