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Bronze Casted Components for Glass Container Moulds

Erie Bronze & Aluminum has manufactured and supplied bronze castings used in the glass container industry for over 50 years. We ship our products to all corners of the earth and maintain an excellent reputation for quality, service and fast deliveries. Based on our strict Quality Control system, Mould Shops around the world rely on Erie Bronze’s bronze castings for Neck Rings, Bottle Moulds, Bottom Plates and Baffles.

Glass Container Moulds

Neck Rings

Our bronze neck rings are supplied in a variety of conditions:

  • As cast
  • As cast with a nickel insert
  • Semi-finish machined – with the mating faces milled, one or more of the outside diameters turned and ends faced (additional features such as face vents can be included). Our in‐house machine shop measures each set for half on half and verifies the fit between the male and female halves (“shake”).
  • Finish machined – completely machined to your print and ready for production.
automatic molding


Nickel guide rings can be supplied finish machined and will be shipped inside the neck rings, thereby guaranteeing the perfect fit. Erie Bronze & Aluminum Co also supplies finish machined nickel baffles and plungers.

Bottle Moulds

Bottle Mould castings are supplied in the as cast condition and must be machined prior to production. Whether your glass container is round, oval, or square – handle or no handle – Erie Bronze has the technological know-how to provide the perfect casting.

Bottom Plates

Also supplied in the as cast condition and must be machined prior to production. All Erie Bronze Glass Moulding Components are cast using strict quality control, designed to improve wear and corrosion resistance.

pattern construction
machined part

Learn More About our Aluminum Bronze Alloys & their Capabilities

Typical Alloys

  • Eballoy 700® (minox 700XX) – Excellent bronze moulding alloy with 15% nickel providing superior wear and corrosion resistance for all moulding components.
  • Eballoy 728® (minox with 1% silicon) – A bronze alloy very similar to our Eballoy 700 with a higher silicon content for increased machinability. This alloy is widely used in both Neck Ring and Bottle Mould applications.
  • Eballoy 690® (9D) – An alternative choice for your bottle mould needs where the operating environment consists of severe wear conditions at elevated temperatures.

Data Sheets

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