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Casting AL850 Aluminum and C95800 Aluminum Bronze for Naval Applications

Tim Robbins / January 9, 2024

Casting AL850 and C95800 Aluminum for Naval Applications

Naval bearings and valves that are built to last begin with the right aluminum alloy. At Erie Bronze, we cast AL850 aluminum tubes & rings and C95800 aluminum bronze for naval applications. Our castings have been machined for use as bearings, valves, and other naval applications. By alloying and casting our bronze and aluminum in-house, we can guarantee they meet the specifications of C95800 and AL850 and will function correctly in their intended environment. As an ITAR compliant foundry, we know what is needed to alloy and cast bronze and aluminum in accordance with military regulations. If you are a Naval contractor, you can rely on Erie Bronze to provide you with the castings you need to produce seawater and impact exposed naval components.

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Erie Bronze Casts AL850 Aluminum Tubes & Rings for Naval Parts

Given the presence of 6% tin in the makeup of AL850, this aluminum alloy is excellent for applications where elevated lubricity is required. Other metals present in AL850 aluminum castings include silicon, copper, titanium, and nickel, which complement its lubricity by providing substantial hardness and temperature resistance. This alloy is excellent in environments where the bearing made from it will be subject to excessive temperatures, heavy loads, and high speeds.

If your spec sheet lists AL850, there is a good chance that its machinability is a primary reason why. On a scale of 0 to 100, AL850 is an alloy with a machinability score of 90, making it exceptionally well-suited to being machined into a naval part.

C95800 Aluminum Bronze Naval Valve Castings Can Handle Seawater and Other Corrosives

While bronze has an innate ability to resist corrosion, Naval bearings made from C95800 enhance this significantly. C95800 is an aluminum-bronze alloy that is popular for Naval use thanks to its corrosion resistance when exposed to seawater, chlorides, and dilute acids. Its strength is also vital when being used to produce naval valves. With exceptional Rockwell hardness and tensile strength as cast, C95800 boasts the durability needed to withstand naval bearing and valve uses.

EBA Produces ITAR Compliant Naval Casting Meeting Common Mil-Specs

In addition to being able to alloy these popular alloys  in-house, we are ITAR compliant and skilled at producing castings in adherence with popular mil-specs. Erie Bronze has decades of experience meeting the demands of naval contractors and our team is well acquainted with the requirements of the MIL-B-24480 spec and more. As this spec dictates requirements that apply to aluminum-based seawater exposed parts, it is especially important in naval casting work. If you need C95800 aluminum bronze cast in adherence with Mil-B-24480 or another military spec, contact us to confirm if it is one we are experienced working with.

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If your spec sheet calls for AL850 or C95800 alloy castings for use in producing a Naval bearing, Erie Bronze is ready to help. Alternatively, you may be curious to learn more about each of these options to determine which will be best based on a bearing’s intended environment and use. Our team has extensive knowledge on the chemical makeup of bronze and aluminum alloys and can expand upon the information shared above so you can scope out the right action plan. Either way, we want to hear from you soon and get to work providing you with the naval-use aluminum castings you need! You can contact us today online or by phone to begin discussing your project and our casting solutions or to request a formal quote.

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