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Value Added Services for Manufacturers

As a foundry with specialist capabilities, EBA serves various industries and clients. We proudly provide every client with the high-quality service that EBA has come to represent, and we ensure that each job is finished to the client’s exact specifications. Delivering with the care, standards, and integrity that customers expect means providing additional services for all components manufactured at EBA. By offering personalized logistics, machining, heat treatment, X-ray & LPI services, EBA continues to deliver the highest caliber castings on the market.

Value Added Services

Quality Assurance

Our Promise:

  • Customers First: We build long-term relationships with clients by establishing a thorough understanding of their needs, and the needs of their customers. We earn customer trust by delivering exceptional goods; we keep customers coming back by being friendly, trustworthy, and approachable.
  • Experience & Expertise: We keep tolerances tight on the foundry floor, and timetables tight for delivery. We proudly commit to providing customers with quality castings, value added services, and delivery by continually evaluating and improving our practices.
  • Health & Safety: EBA’s staff are the best in the business; providing a safe, healthy, productive work environment is a responsibility we take seriously.
automatic molding

Heat Treating

EBA facilitates heat treating services to enhance the properties of the components we cast. By post-treating parts, clients have the opportunity to improve the integrity of their cast components. Often, parts require enhanced strength, toughness, wear resistance, or reduced flexibility after casting. Our professionals can advise and arrange the best heat treatments available. In addition to their technical expertise, EBA’s knowledgeable staff is on hand to guide clients through the process of choosing the best heat treatment while taking cost, turn-around, and materials into consideration.

Machine Components

Once casting is complete, all parts made at EBA are cut off, ground, and blasted in our cleaning department. Machining provides enhanced surface finish, threads, and mating ports for critical areas of the casting. EBA offers machining (turn‐key) services to clients whose components require it. Our experts advise clients on the best procedures needed for their specific component, and make the logistical arrangements necessary to have those machined finishing touches performed.


Logistics don’t have to be a headache. From storage and packaging to transport and information control, we eliminate the pain points of product shipment. We package parts per customer specifications and work to customize tracking and delivery to suit each client’s individual needs. We collaborate with several freight companies to provide shorter lead times, timely deliveries, and economic solutions. Whether improving our products and processes or providing logistical education to staff, we stay on the cutting edge to offer the most relevant, practical, and up-to-date services.

pattern construction

X-Ray (RT) and LPI (PT) Testing

EBA can offer RT and PT NDT testing for your critical components. These services are outsourced by approved accredited vendors. X‐ray testing is among the best non‐destructive method to validate casting integrity of vital components. This testing is carried out by placing the casting in an X‐ray machine and taking “photos”, which are then inspected by credited Level individuals. Similarly, EBA offers PT testing on cast products. Liquid Penetrant Testing or PT technique involves applying a liquid penetrant and then a developer on a cast part, which identifies surface breaking discontinuities on sensitive areas.

machined part

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