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Contract for Mil-Spec Nickel Aluminum Bronze Casting Work at Erie Bronze

Tim Robbins / November 17, 2022

Mil-Spec Nickel Aluminum Bronze Casting work should be performed at a foundry like Erie Bronze that has deep experience in meeting Mil-B-16033 Class 1-4 specifications (aka QQ-C-390B Type III and C95400) and performing casting work with prompt turnaround times. We have enormous capacity to handle casting work at our Erie, PA foundry thanks to maintaining state-of-the-art equipment and employing a staff who boast decades of combined experience handling Mil-Spec casting work. Below we will outline what sets Erie Bronze apart, including our capacity, regulatory compliance, and the technology and methods we use to continue meeting the expectations and precise demands of our Military contract customers. Once you have learned more about what makes Erie Bronze special, we invite you to contact us for a quote on your next Mil-Spec nickel aluminum bronze casting job. 

An ITAR Compliant Mil-Spec Casting Company with Over 20 Years in Business

When you choose to contract with Erie Bronze for durable Mil-Spec Nickel Aluminum Bronze casting work, you can do so knowing that we are an ITAR registered foundry and operate in compliance with this crucial regulation. Contracting military jobs demands not just precision in developing casting materials but also in operating within regulations like ITAR, and we have the team and history of meeting these complex demands needed to back up our offering. Our decades in business and the experience of our team means that Erie Bronze & Aluminum has quoted and completed several non-leaded bronze Mil-Spec casting projects for the defense industry, so you can contract with us knowing work will be handled correctly, efficiently, and at a fair price. 

Our Testing Technology and Skilled Team Ensure Mil-B-16033 Casting Specs are Met

Meeting Mil-B-16033 Class 1-4 casting specifications is not an effortless process. As the methods for making these heavy-duty alloys are stringent, we maintain state-of-the-art testing equipment and employ the skilled team needed to ensure that our work is done correctly. We understand the importance of precision when manufacturing castings used in military applications with our non leaded bronze alloyed  in house and our combined years of experience and testing tools ensure we meet specs every time we complete a casting job. By controlling the entire process of manufacturing our castings in custom shapes specific to each customer using non-leaded bronze alloys, we can guarantee that Mil-Spec quality is met on each job. 

Our Troops Need the Best, Erie Bronze Provides it with our Mil-Spec Nickel Aluminum Bronze Castings

America’s military service members need the best when it comes to the quality of their equipment and Erie Bronze always provides it. QQ-C-390B Type III castings are ideal for a diverse range of military applications thanks to their high corrosion resistance and heavy-duty nature. Examples of work our Mil-Spec Nickel Aluminum Bronze is frequently used to cast include landing gear parts, butterfly valves, retaining guides, bushings, bearings, hangar assembly components , marine engines and propellers, and a range of various other high-temperature military applications.

Nickel Aluminum Bronze Casting Work Is Just One Popular Solution at Erie Bronze

Contracting with Erie Bronze to complete your Mil-Spec casting work has benefits that go beyond our experience working with components used in military and defense applications. With a far more expansive selection of casting options and additional Value-Added services, you can opt to utilize Erie Bronze for more than just your non-leaded bronze castings requirements.   Examples of our Value-Added services include machining, heat treating, comprehensive logistics solutions, and more. If these services or a custom solution will help make your casting job even more beneficial, we will gladly discuss your needs and see how we can help for a reasonable price. 

We look forward to reviewing your drawings, discussing your needs, offering you a competitive quote, and completing the Nickel Aluminum Bronze Casting you need with the quality Erie Bronze guarantees. 

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