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ITAR Compliant Manufacturer for Military Casting & Defense Applications

Tim Robbins / June 23, 2020

ITAR, or International Traffic in Arms Regulations, are export control regulations overseen by the United States Department of State (DOS). Any product intended for the U.S. military or defense-related purposes must comply with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) requirements.

As an ITAR compliant manufacturer, Erie Bronze & Aluminum has the ability to complete military casting work for the U.S. government as well as a variety of contractors and subcontractors that are working on products, or components of products, that might one day be used in defense or military applications. In meeting military standards like QQ-C-390B, MIL-B-16033, and many more, EBA provides aluminum bronze, manganese-bronze, and other bronze military castings for the defense industry.

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ITAR Compliant Manufacturing & Military Casting Meeting MIL-C-22229, MIL-B-16033 & QQ-C-390B Specifications

Bronze alloys play a major role in defense and military preparedness. Bronze alloys are found in high-performance, high-pressure valves, pumps, and other military-grade components. Erie Bronze and Aluminum, an ITAR compliant manufacturer, provides the United States military with a vast array of custom-manufactured shapes and proprietary cast materials.

Our bronze military castings meet federal and military specification requirements such as ASTM B147 and ASTM B584. Erie Bronze & Aluminum provides the following alloy casting for military and defense application:

  1. Aluminum Bronze Castings
  2. Manganese Castings
  3. Silicon Bronze Castings
  4. Tin Bronze Castings

Aluminum Bronze Military Castings for Defense Applications

The strength of aluminum bronze properties is similar to carbon steel, making this alloy the ideal material to construct many military-grade machines, such as tanks, ships, and armored vehicles. Military equipment with aluminum bronze properties also allow the machines to maintain a high yield strength for applications including but not limited to:

  • Gun Mountings & Slides
  • Landing Gear Parts
  • Marine Engine & Propellers
  • High-Temperature Applications
  • Heavily Loaded Worm Gears
  • Tank Gun Recoil Mechanisms

The amount of strength and durability this type of equipment requires is critical for protecting our troops. Aluminum bronze density gives the alloy a low magnetic permeability, making these types of alloys less detectable.

Thanks to Erie Bronze & Aluminum’s superior aluminum bronze casting manufacturing, our military can continue doing its job of protecting our nation with ease and success while feeling confident they are using the best cast manufactured applications.

EBA’s Aluminum Bronze Cast Alloys & Military/Federal Specifications

C95200 68A B148 QQ-C-390B Type III MIL-B-16033 Class 1
C95300 68B B148 QQ-C-390B Type III MIL-B-16033 Class 2
C95400 J461 B148 QQ-C-390B Type III MIL-B-16033 Class 3
C95500 B148 QQ-C-390B Type III MIL-B-16033 Class 4

Manganese Bronze Military Casting for High-Stressed, Heavy-Load Applications

The strength and intense hardness of manganese bronze properties provide the tensile strength of 110,000 psi and hardness well over 200 BHN, making it another ideal material for military casting and manufacturing. Military equipment with manganese bronze properties include:

  • Highly Stressed Machine Parts
  • Slow-Speed Heavy Load Bearings Gears, Gibs & Cams
  • Machinery Parts Substituting for Steel & Malleable Iron
  • Propellers for Salt & Fresh Water

With Erie Bronze and Aluminum’s extensive experience in manganese bronze military casting, we can produce to specifications with excellent precision and a fast turnaround.

EBA’s Manganese Bronze Cast Alloys & Military/Federal Specifications

C86200 J461 B148 QQ-C-390B C4 MIL-C-22229 Comp 9


C86300 J461 B148 QQ-C-390 C7 MIL-C-22229 Comp 8


C86500 J461 B148 QQ-C-390B C3 MIL-C-22229 Comp 7


Tin Bronze Military Casting for Lead-Free Navy G Applications

High wear-resistant properties in tin bronze make this alloy ideal for navy applications, including submarines, ships, and marine accessories. Military-grade naval equipment with tin bronze properties include:

  • Bearings & Bushings
  • Piston & Seal Rings
  • Pump Impellers
  • Valve Components
  • Steam Fittings
  • Potable Water Applications
  • Marine Pump Components

Erie Bronze & Aluminum provides lead-free tin bronze for superior mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance. This proven alloy is used in a variety of applications, has an excellent rating for soldering, and offers quality brazing.

EBA’s Tin Bronze Cast Alloys & Military/Federal Specifications

C90300 J461 B584 QQ-C-390D5 MIL-B-11553 Comp 5
C90500 J461 B584 QQ-C-390D6 MIL-B-11553 Comp 16

Silicon Bronze Casting

Silicon bronze is known for its superior corrosion resistant properties, even when submerged in liquids and chemicals. Additionally, silicon bronze offers added strength with self-lubricity properties, making it excellent for bearings and load properties. Cast parts manufactured using silicon bronze are for high wear, high load, low abrasion parts such as:

  • Ball Bearings
  • Bearing Cages
  • Gears
  • Valve Parts

Erie Bronze & Aluminum has the capability to manufacture silicon bronze castings with superior precision and produce all castings to meet clients’ specific requirements.

EBA’s Silicon Bronze Cast Alloys & Military/Federal Specifications

C87500 J461


B584 QQ-C-390 MIL-C-22087


Your Defense Component Manufacturer for Navy G & Military-Grade Applications

With continual investment in the latest casting technologies, certifications, and equipment, Erie Bronze & Aluminum exceeds your standard foundry. Our state of the art facility utilizes an automated sand casting process to produce repeatable high-quality products under ITAR compliance. Our technological advances allow us to produce and deliver superior quality military castings that are customized to meet a number of crucial defense specifications.

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