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Learn the Benefits of 954 Bronze Casting Work Performed by Erie Bronze

Tim Robbins / May 18, 2023

Erie Bronze is the foundry to contract if you need 954 Bronze casting work done. We complete 954 Bronze castings promptly and with quality guaranteed. We also offer many value-added services that can add to the immediate benefits of contracting us for 954 bronze castings.

As you continue reading, you will learn some of the reasons why 954 Bronze is such a popular casting. You will also find useful information about our foundry and discover why we are the right choice for your next 954 aluminum bronze casting job.

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954 Bronze is an Alloy Designed for Corrosion Exposed Environments

As an all-purpose alloy, 954 Bronze is an excellent choice for applications where parts require a strong coating that can withstand corrosion. In addition to Bronze, this alloy also features Copper, Aluminum, Iron, and Nickel. It is often chosen as a casting for parts exposed to oil, explosives, chlorides, sea water, and more. When equipment is expected to encounter abrasives and corrosives, a casting solution like 954 Aluminum Bronze will offer reliable, long-term protection.

Weldability Makes 954 Aluminum Bronze a Flexible Casting Option

Adding to the ability of C954 Aluminum Bronze to serve an enormous variety of uses is its weldability. By being weldable, parts cast in this alloy can be integrated into larger machines with ease. While we do not perform welding work here, you can contract our foundry to cast your parts in 954 Bronze and complete initial rough machining to prepare your cast parts for welding. When you contract us, we will be able to develop an understanding of the parts’ future use, which will aid in our ability to cast it in a way that makes it easy for you to complete the overall manufacturing process that the casted component(s) is/are involved in.

Erie Bronze Can Cast Parts in 954 Bronze to Meet ASTM, ASME, and SAE Specifications

When your drawings call for a bronze casting that will meet specifications such as ASME SB-148, ASTM B148, SAE J461 our team can help. At Erie Bronze, we are experienced in alloying 954 Aluminum Bronze that meets these specifications and many more. This means that in tandem with the weldability and versatility of this corrosion resistant coating, it can also serve as an affordable solution for casting jobs that must adhere to tight specifications.

Contract EBA to Cast your Parts in 954 Aluminum Bronze to Improve Their Strength

954 Bronze does not only provide a corrosion resistant coating to a substrate, but it will also substantially improve the underlying component’s strength. This means that you can manufacture a part out of an affordable and machinable metal without having to worry about its inability to withstand corrosion and abrasion in its intended environment.

Examples of parts we commonly cast in 954 Bronze include bushings and bearing, pickling hooks and baskets, valves and valve components, gears, and more. Our 954 aluminum bronze casting work has been sought out by manufacturers serving automotive companies, the oil and gas industry, and beyond. We are well acquainted with the demands of these industries and work hard to integrate our casting work into the broader manufacturing process that is involved with.

Optional Heat Treatment Can Make a 954 Bronze Coating Even Stronger

The inherent qualities of 954 Bronze provide more than enough tensile strength for most applications. However, if you are expecting a part to require greater than normal strength given its intended use, we can heat treat this casting to add to its standard hardness. Many bronze alloys are not able to be heat treated, but 954 Bronze’s ability to undergo this process adds to its already formidable versatility.

Our Erie, Pennsylvania Foundry Has Capacity to Provide Castings Up to 250 Pounds in Weight

Now that we have described some of the primary benefits of choosing 954 Bronze as a casting alloy, we will shift focus to reasons why Erie Bronze is the right foundry to contract for this work. For starters, we have four furnaces that provide up to 2,000 pounds of melting capacity each. This capacity translates to castings that can reach a maximum weight of roughly 250 pounds. While many jobs will not require a melt that approaches our highest capacity, it is important to note the largest casting projects we can take on.

The State-of-the-Art Equipment at Erie Bronze Goes Beyond our Furnaces

While our furnaces represent a vital component used in our casting work, melting represents only one part of the process. At our 35,000 square foot facility we also employ automated molding lines and cope drag molding lines. We continually invest in new equipment, such as the DISA MATCH 20/24 which will be arriving at our foundry toward the end of 2023. These investments help to ensure Erie Bronze has the best molding and melting machines available. With this equipment, we can consistently apply 954 Bronze castings efficiently without sacrificing the quality our customers have come to expect.

A Well-Practiced Quality Assurance Program Guarantees 954 Bronze Castings are Performed Correctly

When you hire a foundry for 954 Bronze Casting work you need to know that their work will meet your quality demands every time. At Erie Bronze, we have a well-practiced quality assurance program designed to guarantee that our castings meet your expectations. This program involves advanced testing equipment and visual inspections conducted by our Quality Control Supervisor. While our decades in business provide us with the experience needed to get things right on the first try, we do not cut corners or make assumptions. Our goal is to cast your parts in a brief turnaround time while also meeting or exceeding the quality guarantees we agree to in your contract. This QA program and the well-designed equipment we utilize to alloy and cast 954 Bronze helps us to do so.

Request a 954 Bronze Casting Quote Today and Allow Us to Get to Work

Having read the above information about 954 Bronze and having learned about our ability to cast your parts in this alloy, we hope you are ready to contact Erie Bronze for a quote. With our ability to cast 954 Bronze in adherence with specifications from the ASTM, ASME, and SAE, we are confident that our team can provide the castings you need.

We are ready to consider your next 954 aluminum bronze casting job and complete it efficiently, with quality guaranteed, and for a fair price. Contact us today so we can begin quoting your next casting job.

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