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Erie Bronze and Aluminum Upgrading Molding Machine

Kayla Konieczny / January 13, 2023

The MATCH Even Tinder is Jealous of!

A huge upgrade is on the horizon for our green sand casting foundry that specializes in non-ferrous (non-leaded) bronze and aluminum alloys for a variety of different industrial applications. Erie Bronze and Aluminum is beyond excited to announce yet another machine upgrade for production. We replaced all our CNC machinery with Okuma in 2017. In 2023, we are replacing our current Harrison N28 26×26 Automatic Molding Machine to the state-of-the-art DISA MATCH 20/24 Molding System. The Harrison was a custom design for Erie Bronze and Aluminum, which was installed in 2006 to enhance production by replacing several squeezer lines.

New Year, Another New Upgrade

The DISA MATCH is the most durable and precise green-sand matchplate system available in the market today. The MATCH 20/24 machine concept is based on horizontal pouring and vertical blow and squeeze. The sand blow system used in the DISA MATCH is based on 50 years of experience and will effectively fill molds, even the ones with deep pockets without the need of additional equipment or resources.

With the machine’s swift and accurate pattern changes being paired with an operating interface that is extremely user-friendly, the DISA MATCH allows foundries like ours to reach the lowest cost per casting, even on the short runs. This superior piece of equipment for our Foundry comes with an automatic Core Setter, which will increase the speed of production from our average 10–15 molds per hour to a max of 145 cored molds per hour! The best part is even with this massive increase in the production speed, the molding machine tolerance will deliver maximum mismatch of only 0.2 millimeters.

Click here to view the DISA MATCH 20/24 technical specifications, which will allow your locally owned Foundry in Erie, Pennsylvania to compete with top performing foundries internationally. 

Due to the DISA MATCH 20/24 Molding System’s simple design and minimal moving parts, maintenance will be drastically reduced. In addition to all the other clever features listed earlier in this article, the DISA comes with an in-chamber parting spray system to prevent sand from sticking to the pattern plate. This spray system will reduce the parting fluid usage and airborne parting fluid. Easy-to-change cope and drag wear plates allow for high-speed pattern changes. A centrally-controlled database (known as CIM) within the DISA MATCH allows it to store up to 30,000 different pattern sets, which includes the names of the patterns, the type of casting, the customer details, and all the pattern parameters needed specified for the part.

The CIM will collect real-time data, which will simplify and speed up troubleshooting when it comes to defects. Ultimately, the CIM will lower scrap, reduce downtime, and boost production.

All the options and features included with a DISA MATCH allow for flexible, clean operations. Machine Operators will now have increased workspace that is not only cleaner, but also quieter. Our DISA MATCH 20/24 will be fully tested prior to delivery and ready for installation upon arrival. The new automatic molding system will be matched up to our current Summit Mold Handling System during the installation.

We are truly excited for the growth this will bring to our company, as well as our customers and community. Erie Bronze and Aluminum Company was founded in 1907 and the first US based foundry to utilize the newest metal treatment and gas analyzing technology developed in Europe. The Foundry Degassing Unit allows us to control the real time hydrogen levels of our aluminum alloys directly within the molten metal. A few advantages of this automated process include; improved surface finish, reduction of hard inclusions, increased tensile strength, and reproducible results.

Erie Bronze & Aluminum is a small business with 24 employees that produces both bronze and aluminum castings for the United States Government. We follow a strict quality system per MIL-I-45208. Examples of previous work include bronze guides for catapult systems, aluminum labyrinth seals for Navy compressors, bronze extension fittings, cylinder heads and bodies, and various bronze and aluminum castings for Naval sea systems.

Now that you’ve read this article, you learned how our locally-owned Erie Bronze and Aluminum Company will be upgrading our automatic molding machine to be more user-friendly and efficient, as well as keep us on top of the leading nonferrous foundries in the country.

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Author of article – Kayla Konieczny, Inside Sales & Procurement Specialist at Erie Bronze & Aluminum

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