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Manufacturing Large Bronze Castings in Aluminum Bronze and Manganese Bronze

Tim Robbins / April 17, 2023

An Established Foundry Offering Large Bronze Castings in Aluminum Bronze and Manganese Bronze

Large bronze castings are best manufactured by a foundry like Erie Bronze and Aluminum that has advanced equipment, alloys metals in-house, and employs skilled employees who handle this casting work. EBA has been manufacturing large diameter bronze castings for over 20 years. We do this work with the help of our three electric furnaces that each offer up to 2,000 pounds of melting capacity. Then, our stringent QA program guarantees the quality of our bronze castings. These castings can be made with Aluminum Bronze, Manganese Bronze, and other popular alloys, which we will discuss below.

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Specializing in Manufacturing Custom Large Diameter Bronze Castings

EBA can manufacture large bronze castings thanks in part to our significant capacity and state-of-the-art equipment. While the skill of metallurgists and quality control team are important, the equipment they use is as well. This includes a SPECTROLAB metal analyzer used to confirm that the bronze metals we alloy in-house include the exact chemistry your castings need.

Aluminum Bronze and Manganese Bronze Castings on Valves and Valve Components

Two of our most popular casting solutions are aluminum bronze and manganese bronze, and each offers unique benefits. Aluminum Bronze, for example, provides tremendous resistance to wear and corrosion from both use and the elements. This 10% aluminum alloy is heavy duty and provides low percentages of iron and nickel as well. If you have a casting used in a marine environment, Aluminum Bronze has proven to be perfect for pump parts, shafts, and sleeve bearings, to name just three common applications.
Manganese Bronze, on the other hand, is an ideal alloy for bushings, gears, and bearings used in oil and gas, aviation, and aerospace machinery. Our Manganese Bronze alloys can include additional metals including aluminum, copper, and iron in various ranges depending on the application. This alloy can require lubrication, but it provides impressive load-carrying capacity and can serve in high speed environments. Manganese Bronze castings from EBA are also corrosion resistant, making them reliable even when frequently in contact with corrosives and used regularly.

The Erie Bronze team is Experienced in Casting Oil and Gas Valves

While we serve industries ranging from Aviation to Defense, one group of companies that relies heavily on our ability to manufacture large diameter bronze castings are those in the Oil and Gas industry. Large valves used in oil and gas applications must be manufactured precisely. They must also be built with bronze alloys that are resistant to corrosion and wear. We are accustomed to manufacturing large bronze castings that meet the exact demands of the Oil and Gas industry businesses who contract us. Our testing equipment and QA program help to ensure quality on every project. Examples of the valve work we have been contracted to complete include the manufacturing of gate valves, wear plates, wafer check valves, and much more.

Unsure Which Bronze Alloy to Choose for Your Casting Job? We Can Help

One of the many benefits of choosing EBA as your bronze casting manufacturer is that you have access to our knowledge. For example, customers often come to us knowing that they need a corrosion resistant casting but are unsure which bronze alloy will best serve their cast products intended environment. This is where our skillset and decades of experience come into play. We will be able to assess your needs and recommend the exact in-house alloyed metal that will be right for the job. We will then offer you a competitive quote and begin work promptly once you agree to contract EBA for the job.

Request A Quote Today and Contract Us Expecting a Brief Lead Time

Quality large bronze castings do not have to take long to produce. In fact, our turnaround time for first-run products can range from three to 9 weeks. As you might imagine, factors including the complexity of your job, need for post-casting machining, and more can cause this timeframe to vary. However, what will not vary is the quality of our castings and the efficiency with which we produce them.
Contact us today if you want help determining whether a Manganese Bronze or Aluminum Bronze alloy will be best for your large diameter valve or valve component. Alternatively, if you know exactly which material your valves and parts need, we are ready to review your drawings and offer a competitively priced quote promptly.

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