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Valve Casting Manufacturer of Aluminum Bronze Valves in Erie, Pa

Tim Robbins / December 16, 2019

Located in Erie, Pennsylvania, Erie Bronze & Aluminum is a valve casting manufacturer of aluminum bronze valves and bronze alloy castings used for various types of valve components. We accommodate requests from customers to supply either “as cast” valve components or finish machined products. Our aluminum bronze valve castings are used in various industries, but the industries we most commonly serve are the oil & gas and marine industries.

Erie Bronze & Aluminum has the experience and expertise necessary to manufacture high-quality bronze alloy valve castings.  

Why Erie Bronze is A Leading Valve Casting Manufacturer

Erie Bronze & Aluminum is unique in the fact that we can manage the whole process of valve manufacturing from alloy selection to casting and final machining through approved subcontractors. Our casting process begins with the alloy that correlates with your industry application and engineering specifications. For valves, we focus on specific alloys that are tested to meet the requirements for the application at hand.

Manganese Bronze Alloy Valves (C86200, C86300, C86500)

Manganese bronze alloys are mainly used for valves when heavy-duty mechanical products are important. They are considered to have the highest tensile and yield strength over other bronze alloys, having a lesser chance of the valve stem or valve body breaking. Most manganese bronze alloy valves are manufactured for heavy-duty products like fire hydrants and marine propellers.

Aluminum Bronze Valves (C95200, C95300, C95400, C95500, C95800)

Aluminum Bronze alloys are used for corrosion resistance and above average mechanical properties. Their corrosion resistance withstands environments such as seawater, dilute acids, and chlorides. When used in valve applications, these alloys are also resistant to sparks, which makes them fit to handle petroleum, gas, and chemical products. Aluminum bronze valves are a lot like manganese bronze alloy valves, providing immense strength and anti-rust characteristics.

Tin Bronze Alloy Valves (C90300, C90500, C90700, C91100)

Tin bronze alloys (Navy G and Gun Metal) tend to be used for products that deal with high temperatures, extreme pressures, and lots of steam. As with most bronze alloys, tin bronze valves provide excellent corrosion resistance and high tensile and yield strengths.

These bronze alloys have been used for valve components such as:

  • Valve Bodies / Flanged Valve Bodies
  • Body In-Line Chokes / Hub In-Line Chokes
  • Yoke Nuts / Stem Nuts / Gate Nuts /Bearing Retaining Nuts
  • Gate Valve Seats
  • Centrifugal Pump Covers / Swing Check Valve Covers / Flapper Valve Covers / Plug Valve Covers / Flange Covers
  • Impellers / Gate Wedges
  • Pumps / Gears
  • As cast discs or bars
  • Scraper castings
  • Tees / Unions / Strainers

The Valve Casting & Manufacturing Process

As a leading valve casting manufacturer, Erie Bronze & Aluminum focuses on the quality of the bronze we use for our valve casting. We use innovative flow simulation and modeling software to ensure consistency in the castings. We can manufacture large or small valve castings. Sand casting valves with Erie Bronze and Aluminum is cost-effective due to the type of molding and is convenient because of the different alloys available. At Erie Bronze & Aluminum, we can pour castings anywhere from five to 500 pounds in weight.

Applications of Valve Casting & Manufacturing

Erie Bronze & Aluminum focuses on two main industries: Marine and Oil & Natural Gas. Each valve we produce is cast and manufactured to the specifications of that industry. As these ever-growing industries demand machinery in harsh and sometimes remote locations, industry professionals are asking for valves that are tougher, more sustainable, and that perform better across the board.

Valve Casting & Manufacturing for Oil & Gas Applications

The oil and gas industry has categories that segment the unique functions and climates of valves. The upstream segment is in control of the flow of crude oil and natural gas. The midstream segment is known as the storage and transportation center of commodities from resource-rich areas. The materials are targeted to populated towns where consumers live. Finally, the downstream segment refines the raw materials into something a consumer would buy – gasoline, asphalt, and fuel.  We manufacture aluminum bronze valves to accommodate nearly all segments of the production process.

Oil & gas industry leaders have strong ties with valve casting manufacturers and suppliers. In the upstream, valves are used to control the flow of oil and gas from high-pressure injection systems to blow-out preventers and choke valves. In the midstream section, where storage and transportation of oil and gas are conducted, valves are used to protect equipment while controlling product flow. The entire system needs to be kept at low temperatures to convert gas into liquids. Companies demand that valve suppliers manufacture product parts that are durable in low-temperature. Finally, during the downstream, raw materials are fed to the petrochemical industries, which requires high-pressure valve designs. The conditions that these pipes and valves endure can be extreme and unique.

Typical environments can have temperature fluctuations that range from 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit to -150 degrees Fahrenheit. Erie Bronze & Aluminum specializes in broad versatility in many alloys, weights, and sizes of valve castings. Our valves can be designed to withstand the most difficult conditions. The demand for oil and gas is constantly on the rise, and performance expectations are now higher than ever. Erie Bronze & Aluminum manufactures:

  • Globe Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Control Valves
  • Automated Valves & More

Valve Casting for Marine Applications

The aluminum bronze valves we manufacture are used extensively in the marine industry.  For example, large ships use valves to regulate the loading and storage of the ship’s power supply, process wastewater, store liquid cargo, and hold water for emergency instances like fires. Beyond general industry use, Erie Bronze & Aluminum is also a producer of certain bronze and aluminum bronze valve castings for the United States Government. A few of our valve capabilities are fluid power valves (NAICS Code: 332912), hose fittings (NAICS Code: 332912), and non-powered valves (FSC Code: 4820).

A Leading Valve Casting Manufacturer in Erie, Pa.

Erie Bronze & Aluminum is known best for our quality, turnaround time, and excellent customer service. In addition to these features, we are flexible with order quantities and offer a wide variety of alloys for casting. We look forward to speaking with you about your bronze alloy valve manufacturing needs.

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