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Producing Quality 954 Aluminum Bronze Castings for Corrosion Resistant Applications

Tim Robbins / November 11, 2022

Erie Bronze produces a diverse selection of castings, among which are our popular 954 Aluminum Bronze castings for corrosion resistant applications. 954 Aluminum Bronze offers robust resistance to corrosion, making it ideally suited for industrial applications exposed to abrasion, weight, and corrosive materials and compounds ranging from sea water to chemicals. Throughout this article we will detail some of the reasons 954 Aluminum Bronze castings are popular, as well as provide examples of the many additional solutions offered by Erie Bronze that make contracting with Erie Bronze valuable beyond our quality casting work. 

Highly Durable 954 Aluminum Bronze Castings Can Handle Explosives, Chemicals, and More

If you need a casting that will be able to safely withstand exposure to chemicals, explosives, or more commonly encountered corrosive compounds, we have the solution. By choosing 954 Aluminum Bronze castings for corrosion resistant applications, you can protect from severe corrosives without sacrificing flexibility or weldability. Other alloys can struggle to provide long-term corrosion resistance when encountering highly abrasive materials, but 954 Aluminum Bronze alloys are intended for resistance to weight, chemicals, and other corrosives. Additionally, 954 Aluminum Bronze castings provide both electrical and thermal conductivity, qualities that help to make this alloy a smart choice for jobs that require more than just durability.

Weldability Adds to the Popularity of 954 Aluminum Bronze

954 Aluminum Bronze castings provide more than corrosion resistance, conveniently offering weldability as well. If a substrate needs to be welded, soldered, or brazed to serve its intended application, 954 Aluminum Bronze will allow for either while still providing the corrosion resistance you need. 954 Aluminum Bronze’s versatility is in part what has made this alloy such a popular solution. As we will begin to outline below, industries ranging from Automotive to Aerospace and beyond turn to Erie Bronze to cast this reliable and weldable alloy and often to do so while meeting one of several bronze casting specifications in which our team specializes.

954 Aluminum Bronze Castings Serve Diverse Industrial Applications

Given its natural thermal and electrical conductivity, high corrosion resistance, and ability to be strengthened even further with proper heat treatment, 954 Aluminum Bronze is an in-demand casting solution requested by Erie Bronze contract customers. The qualities of 954 Aluminum Bronze allow for its use in a diverse range of industrial applications, with examples including on bearings, valves, wear strips, and more. If your drawings call for 954 Aluminum Bronze, Erie Bronze has the team needed to complete the work precisely to your specifications. 

Erie Bronze’s 954 Aluminum Bronze Meets ASME, SAE, and ASTM Casting Specs

Erie Bronze & Aluminum produces 954 Aluminum Bronze castings to meet several ASME, ASTM, and SAE bronze casting material specifications. Our team understands the importance of adhering to material specifications and both our casting and Quality Assurance processes are designed to ensure specs are met. If you want to learn more about the standards our castings adhere to, you can contact us today or read more on our website.

Solutions Beyond Quality Aluminum Bronze Castings 

Throughout 20 years in business, the Erie Bronze team has learned that contract customers benefit most when our team can offer solutions in addition to our 954 Aluminum Bronze castings. A small selection of the value-added casting services we offer include heat treatment of castings to further improve corrosion resistance, machining of completed parts, packaging, and delivery. With this suite of solutions ranging from logistics to post-production treatment and machining, Erie Bronze can act as your sole resource for complete casting, heat treating, and distribution jobs. We also maintain an appetite for helping customers with custom jobs, so you should never hesitate to reach out to ask if we can quote a tailored solution for your next casting job. 

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