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Learn How a Custom Labyrinth Seal Manufacturer Can Benefit from Erie Bronze’s Castings

Tim Robbins / June 19, 2023
Custom Labyrinth Seal Manufacturer

Throughout this article, you will have a chance to learn how our foundry can make the process of manufacturing custom labyrinth seals easier. We will describe the ways our foundry can seamlessly fit into your manufacturing flow. The beauty of working with Erie Bronze as a custom labyrinth seal manufacturer is that our team can provide you with not just the right aluminum tube or ring castings but also have them rough machined to your specific dimensions prior to delivery. We can provide you with castings made from various types of in-house alloyed aluminum and have the equipment needed to work within a wide range of sizes.

As you continue reading, you can learn more about how our foundry can make the custom labyrinth seal manufacturing process simpler.

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Different Labyrinth Seals Call for Different Aluminum Alloys

Depending on the environment your custom labyrinth seal will be used in, the aluminum alloy that will suit your seal best can vary. Thankfully, Erie Bronze and Aluminum is highly experienced in alloying a range of hard to find aluminum alloys. These include Aluminum 850, 852, and 443. Each of these alloys offers excellent qualities for common labyrinth seal uses given their natural tensile strength, compressive yield strength, and lubricity. Plus, we can ensure quality by alloying whichever type of aluminum is best for your labyrinth seal in-house using state-of-the-art testing tools. By controlling the aluminum alloying process, we set your labyrinth seal development project up for success from the beginning.

Manufacturers Serving OEMs Trust Erie Bronze to Help with Labyrinth Seal Production

When manufacturers are contracted by OEMs involved in handling chemicals, oil and gas, hydraulic components, and more, they trust Erie Bronze to maintain the quality their customers demand. Quality can never be sacrificed when making an aluminum casting and rough machining it. With our well-practiced QA program, which includes state-of-the-art testing equipment, we can ensure that our guarantees are met on each job.

We have decades of experience supplying castings to companies manufacturing labyrinth seals for customers in the aforementioned industries and beyond. A labyrinth seal manufacturer like your business can rely on our team to provide high quality aluminum castings using alloys that meet your specifications. They also rely on us to have rough machining completed prior to delivery so their material is received ready for precision machining to take place. This helps to ensure they have everything needed to complete their custom labyrinth seal manufacturing work.

Producing Aluminum Castings for Labyrinth Seals Used in Oil and Gas, Naval, and Chemical Applications

Given the common uses of labyrinth seals, primarily as a leakage prevention tool, there are certain industries that demand our castings more than others. These include oil and gas manufacturers, chemical equipment suppliers, naval manufacturers, the cryogenic refrigeration industries, and businesses involved in additive manufacturing. These industries cannot risk leakage of toxic materials and they rely on Erie Bronze to provide rough machined tube or ring castings that can be machined into labyrinth seals to reliably prevent leakage wherever they are used.

Once we complete our contract aluminum casting work, we ship the casting to a partner company that performs rough machining work. This work is to make sure that the castings you receive have no signs of porosity or other defects visible to the naked eye. Once this final quality assurance measure is complete, we prepare your casting(s) for delivery.

Our Equipment and Ability to Alloy Aluminum In-House Ensure Quality and Timely Completion

We know how important it is to honor our turnaround time commitments. We take our turn time guarantees as seriously as our quality assurances and never sacrifice one for the other. By controlling the labyrinth seal casting process from alloying to delivery, we can avoid delays and quality issues along the way. Plus, with the help of our machining shop partner, the castings you receive will be rough machined and ready to be turned into a functional labyrinth seal.

Regardless of where you are in the manufacturing process, contact Erie Bronze today to discuss your project and determine if we are the ideal foundry to contract for your casting needs as a labyrinth seal manufacturer.

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