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Bronze Valve Manufacturer Casting Large Valves | Erie Bronze

Tim Robbins / March 31, 2023

A Bronze Valve Manufacturer Specializing in Casting Large Valves

Erie Bronze has been sought out for decades to provide ITAR compliant bronze valve casting solutions for Defense Contractors, Oil and Gas OEMs, the Marine Industry, and more.

Contract Erie Bronze for ITAR Compliant Full-Service Bronze Valve Manufacturing

From start to finish, Erie Bronze can manufacture the bronze cast valves your equipment needs to function properly. From large valves for Oil and Gas OEMs to gate valve seats for a wide range of marine applications, our team can provide a solution that ensures your valves and valve components will function reliably in their intended environment. We are able to work off your drawings or can recommend an alloy that is best suited to your needs for corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and more. Additionally, the QA program we have in place adheres to the MIL-I-45208 system, which helps to ensure that our quality guarantees are honored along with our turnaround commitments.

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Types of Bronze Valves and Valve Components We Manufacture

  • Gate Valve Seats
  • Centrifugal Pump Covers / Swing Check Valve Covers / Flapper Valve Covers / Plug Valve Covers / Flange Covers
  • Valve Bodies / Flanged Valve Bodies
  • Body In-Line Chokes / Hub In-Line Chokes
  • Yoke Nuts / Stem Nuts / Gate Nuts /Bearing Retaining Nuts
  • Impellers / Gate Wedges
  • Pumps / Gears
  • As cast discs or bars
  • Globe Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Control Valves
  • Scraper castings
  • Tees / Unions / Strainers
  • Automated Valves & More

Casting Valves with the Metals You Need Alloyed In-House

A primary focus at Erie Bronze is quality. One important way we can guarantee valve castings quality is by alloying metals in house. Our team of metallurgists uses their extensive combined experience and a suite of state-of-the-art testing equipment including a SPECTROLAB metal analyzer to ensure our alloys meet the precise specifications each casting job calls for. Examples of the alloys we commonly cast valves with include 952, 953, and 954 aluminum bronze as well as 862, 863, and 865 manganese bronze. While these are frequently requested alloys, they are by no means a complete list of the casting alloys you can contract the trusted bronze valve manufacturer in Erie, PA to provide.

Casting Valves in Alloys Including:

  • C86200, C86300, and C86500 Manganese Bronze
  • C95200, C95300, C95400, C95500, and C95800 Aluminum Bronze
  • C90300, C90500, C90700, C91100 Tin Bronze, and more

Valve Casting Equipment Including a DISA MATCH 20/24 Molding System Ensures Prompt Turnaround

In addition to the testing tools we utilize, we are a bronze valve manufacturer that maintains an expansive suite of machines and furnaces at our Erie, PA foundry. This equipment allows us to complete valve manufacturing and casting work promptly. In addition to our existing equipment, we are always seeking to invest in new equipment to improve our capabilities. One example of this is a DISA MATCH 20/24 Molding System, which, upon its arrival, will provide our team with the ability to cast valves with improved surface finish, increased tensile strength, and reduction of hard inclusions in the casting. While we can cast a single large valve, this system will also store up to 30,000 pattern designs, making it capable of providing reproducible results for repeated production runs. This machine is going to improve our already expansive capabilities, as well as reduce turnaround times. In tandem with our six electric furnaces with a maximum melting capacity of 2,000 pounds, our equipment makes even the largest oil and gas valve manufacturing jobs possible at Erie Bronze.

Regardless of your industry or the alloy you need, we want to provide a competitive quote on your next bronze valve casting job. You can submit your drawings today or request a preliminary conversation to discuss your needs and learn more about how we can perform the casting work you require with a brief turnaround time.

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