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Applications of Bronze Alloy Sand Castings

Erie Bronze & Aluminum specializes in the types of bronze sand castings used in a multitude of global industrial applications, including nautical components, bearings, etc. Our unique equipment coupled with a desire to innovate allow us to consistently produce and deliver superior quality castings customized to meet most specifications including ASTM B148, ASTM B584, ASTM B763, ASTM B26, MIL-B-24480, MIL-B-21230A, MIL-B-16540B, and QQ-C-390.

As a US-based aluminum and bronze foundry, we work with a number of industries and specialize in manufacturing components such as labyrinth seals, bearings, and bearing housings. Our expert team also excels in helping you determine the perfect alloy for your sand casting. The four primary types of bronze alloy castings we manufacture are:

  • Nickel aluminum bronze
  • Manganese bronze
  • Tin bronze
  • Silicon bronze

Types of Non-Leaded Bronze Alloys | Benefits of Nickel Aluminum Bronze & Silicon Bronze

Erie Bronze & Aluminum casts several of the best bronze alloys used by a wide variety of industries.

Aluminum bronze alloys, such as nickel aluminum bronze, are best known for their strong welding characteristics. They also provide exceptional properties such as the ability to withstand corrosion in seawater, chlorides, dilute acids and other environments. In fact, Science Direct notes aluminum bronze for its machinability and resistance to corrosion in extreme conditions induced by both atmosphere and water. Also, since aluminum bronze alloys are non-sparking, they are useful for equipment designed to handle explosives, petroleum, chemical, and gas products.

Manganese bronze alloys, on the other hand, are the strongest of all the cast copper alloys. This attribute makes the alloy ideal for heavy-duty mechanical products that require cost-efficient corrosion resistance. They provide both high tensile and yield strength, and they perform well even under very high loads and speeds. This strength makes manganese bronze alloys ideal for your bearing needs.

As with the above, tin bronze alloys also provide strong resistance to corrosion. They offer relatively good strength, resistance to wear, and a lower coefficient of friction than does steel. They withstand high shock and impact loads at reduced surface speeds, making them a strong choice for either brushing and bearing applications or moveable bridge components.

Finally, silicon bronze alloys, such as C873 silicon bronze, provide good corrosion resistance when submerged in liquids or chemicals. As stated by Thomas, a leading source of manufacturers across North America, silicon bronze alloys provide resistance to “freshwater, saltwater, fog/mist, alkalis, acids, and organic chemicals” and is “inherently antimicrobial and will passively defend against the spread of germs.” These attributes make silicon bronze ideal for a multitude of purposes including marine hardware, electrical components, and chemical processing equipment. Other applications range from bearings and gears to plumbing goods and intricately shaped pump and valve component manufacturing.

At Erie Bronze & Aluminum, we alloy all of our metals in-house to guarantee our time-honored consistency and quality. Our SPECTROLAB metal analyzer further allows us to facilitate most customer requirements with utmost precision.

Applications of Aluminum Bronze

Overall, aluminum bronze alloys offer a wide scope of properties that make them ideal for a variety of industrial purposes. They are known for their corrosion resistance in caustic environments, such as seawater and other chemical environments. Since aluminum bronze alloys are non-sparking, they provide ideal components in handling explosives, petroleum, chemical, and gas products. Common applications range from bearing and pump valve components – an Erie Bronze & Aluminum specialty – to plumbing parts and beyond.

At Erie Bronze & Aluminum, our highly skilled bronze metal casters take aluminum bronze alloy production to the next level by meeting and exceeding common MIL and SAE specifications including MIL-B-24480A, MIL-16540B, and MIL-STD-2175A as well as SAE-68A, SAE-J461, and SAE-J462. By adhering to these specifications, Erie Bronze & Aluminum ensures quality with a quick turnaround for castings used in heavy duty environments. For instance, our C95400 aluminum bronze alloy offers high resistance to fatigue and exceptional mechanical properties, making it a prized alloy for both military and industrial purposes.

With Erie Bronze and Aluminum’s broad capabilities, we can produce to MIL specifications with excellent precision and a fast turnaround.The MIL-B-24480A spec ensures good corrosion resistance for general seawater applications, military tank fittings and other comparably large machines.  Erie Bronze and Aluminum’s capability of manufacturing sand castings that can perform This spec is required for use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense when purchasing phosphor bronze sand castings. Likewise, the MIL-STD-2175A spec is the overall classification for inspection of ferrous and non-ferrous raw material castings including C95400 aluminum bronze.

SAE International, provides various specifications for aluminum bronze metal castings used in the aerospace, automotive, and commercial vehicle industries Applications for the SAE-68A spec include gears, wear plates, bearings, and hydraulic valve parts. The SAE-J461 applies to cast copper alloys, ensuring that they maintain the electrical and thermal conductivity properties, mechanical properties, yield strength, fatigue characteristics, formability, and machinability. Lastly, the SAE-J462 spec focuses on cast copper alloys used in aerospace, automotive, and commercial vehicle industries.

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Erie Bronze & Aluminum produces 100% American-made castings from our foundry in Erie, Pennsylvania. Our superior quality casting services extend across an array of industries. Additionally, we are an ITAR compliant company that produces bronze casting for the defense industry and lead-free cast bronze bushings for other defense applications.

We also provide molding, melting, and finishing services as well as aluminum tubes and rings machined in varying lengths and diameters. Regardless of your casting needs, Erie Bronze & Aluminum can provide you with the best product made from the most suitable alloy for your application.

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