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A US Bronze Foundry Specializing in Casting Valves for the Oil and Gas Industry

Tim Robbins / March 1, 2023

Work With a US Bronze Foundry Specializing in Casting Valves for Oil and Gas Industry Applications

Any business operating in the Oil and Gas industry knows that valves and valve components demand high quality bronze castings that will work reliably in their intended environment. Erie Bronze is a US bronze foundry that understands the importance of bronze valve casting quality and we perform this casting work with a variety of alloys at our state-of-the-art facility. As we will describe in more detail below, our team has developed expertise in handling a range of valve casting jobs for Oil and Gas equipment OEMs and we welcome the chance to quote your job.

The Quality of our Valve Casting Work is Guaranteed and All Metals are Alloyed in House

We know that any company contracting Erie Bronze for valve casting work requires quality and this begins with the alloy used for the casting. All our non-leaded bronze alloys are alloyed in-house, and we ensure they meet the intended specifications by utilizing a SPECTROLAB metal analyzer to do so. Examples of the alloys we frequently complete bronze valve casting work with include 952, 953, 954 aluminum bronze, 862, 863, and 865 manganese bronze, and many more.

Given our experience alloying and testing in-house, we should be able to work with nearly any specification your valve casting job calls for.

Working with a Wide Range of Valve Types for Oil and Gas Equipment OEMs

Our US bronze foundry has developed a reputation for being able to take on a diverse range of valve casting jobs, and this has made us a sought-after resource for the Oil and Gas industry. Examples of the types of valve components we can cast include wafer check valves, gate valves, flanged gate valve bodies, butterfly valves, float valve components, valve bonnets,  valve connections, chokes, yokes and other non-leaded bronze valve items.  If your company is an Oil and Gas OEM and you need to purchase a valve or valve component cast in non-leaded bronze, our team will be ready to quote and complete your job promptly and for a competitive price.

Complex Shapes are No Challenge for Our Team and Equipment

Our experience has taught us that not all jobs are cut and dry, and some valves need to be manufactured with complex geometries to fit their intended application. This is why we have developed skills handling bronze valve castings. For example, we cast 955 and 958 Aluminum Bronze Alloys for intricate valve components to improve  the strength and corrosion resistance of the component without impacting the design of the casting.

Contract a Bronze Foundry with 100 Years of Experience Maintaining Tight Turnaround Times

The Erie Bronze team knows that high quality work is always demanded by Bronze Valve Manufacturers that contract us for valve casting work, but that quality without meeting our promise dates  is of limited benefit. Throughout our one hundred years in business, our bronze foundry has grown in capacity and is able to consistently complete valve castings and valve casting components promptly, so you get the bronze castings  you need exactly when you need them, if not sooner.

At our Erie, PA headquarters, we maintain state-of-the-art equipment that includes several electric furnaces that each offer up to 2,000 pounds in melting capacity, automated molding lines, cope drag molding lines, and coming later in 2023 a brand new DISA MATCH 20/24 Molding Machine. While this equipment is advanced, it would be of limited use if we did not have our talented and well-versed team of melters on site to maintain and work with it.

If you need valve casting work completed by a US bronze foundry that has the equipment and team in place, need guaranteed quality and on time deliveries , contact Erie Bronze today and request a quote for your job.

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