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The Benefits of Contracting with an ITAR Compliant Bronze Casting Company

Tim Robbins / February 27, 2023

Many Benefits Are Gained by Contracting with an ITAR Compliant Bronze Casting Company

ITAR is more than just a regulation to follow. A bronze casting company like Erie Bronze maintains ITAR compliance when completing Mil-Spec casting work and more to help ensure the US remains safe and secure. ITAR is a term used so widely that its intent is often forgotten in its acronym. If you work within the Defense industry, even in an indirect sense, understanding this anti-arms trafficking regulation is important to understand. While ITAR compliance is crucial it is not the only benefit you should expect from your bronze casting company. 


Erie Bronze Takes Seriously Any Regulation That Plays a Part in Our National Defense

With its goal of regulating arms trafficking, ITAR is a regulation that Erie Bronze sees value in and takes seriously. When you work with an ITAR compliant bronze casting company like ours, you can do so knowing that the quality casting work we complete will keep your Defense, Aerospace, or related company within regulatory compliance. 


ITAR Compliance and Mil-Spec Bronze Casting Go Hand in Hand

While ITAR is not a quality assurance program, it often goes hand in hand with one. For example, at Erie Bronze, we are frequently contracted to provide ITAR compliant Mil-Spec casting jobs. To complete bronze castings that comply with the various military specifications we are well-versed in providing, robust testing and an exacting QA regimen are required. We maintain a suite of testing tools including a SPECTROLAB metal analyzer, pattern and process inspection, and more. Our team makes sure that our talented employees are well trained in these processes and receive continuing education to remain at the forefront of bronze casting quality assurance. 


Some Casting Companies Registered with ITAR Can Serve Different Tiers of Manufacturing

There is a common misconception regarding ITAR. Given its pertinence to the Defense industry, it is often viewed as a regulation that only applies to companies directly contracting with Defense entities. However, given the intent and wording of ITAR, its compliance net is cast more broadly to encompass entities that may only provide castings for Tier 2 or Tier 3 suppliers. While companies operating in less proximal tiers to Defense entities may have less concerns about working within ITAR’s bounds, their necessity to do so is unquestionable. With this understanding, Erie Bronze can benefit not only direct Defense entities, but also Tier 2 and Tier 3 companies whose products and components may be used in Defense-related applications by completing our casting work within ITAR compliance every time. 


Gain More than ITAR Compliance When Choosing Erie Bronze for Your Next Bronze Casting Contract

If you operate in the Defense or Aerospace industry and your next casting project calls for an ITAR compliant casting company, choosing Erie Bronze will help guarantee that your work is completed as outlined in your drawings. When contracting Erie Bronze, you will also be offered a slew of helpful value-added services that you can take advantage of and make your next casting job even more efficient. For example, our customers can ask us to heat treat their castings for added strength and resistance. Additionally, we maintain the ability to offer post-casting turn-key machining services for components that require a finishing touch to work within their intended application. By working with Erie Bronze, we can help make your logistics headaches disappear. We offer packaging, transportation, and more to ensure your quality bronze casted components arrive on time to where they need to be.

When you hire Erie Bronze for your next ITAR compliant bronze casting job you can expect regulatory compliance and much more.

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