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C86300 Manganese Bronze Alloy Used for MIL-B-24480A and SAE-J462 Specs

Tim Robbins / May 3, 2018

Erie Bronze and Aluminum is a leader in manganese bronze castings and regularly produces castings adhering to MIL and SAE specs for military, naval, and industrial applications. The government and various other industries require certain standards in the manufacturing of metal castings and products. These specifications maintain consistency among all manufacturers producing comparable cast products to keep them safe and to code. Erie Bronze and Aluminum meets and exceeds these specifications.  When required by our customers, our cast products adhere to MIL and SAE specs and many are manufactured with our tough and corrosion resistant C86300 manganese bronze alloy. This C86300 alloy is used for high load, low speed applications which makes one of the optimal manganese bronze alloys for many military and industrial uses.

Military Specifications: MIL-B-24480A, MIL-C-22229, and MIL-STD-2175A

With Erie Bronze and Aluminum’s extensive experience in manganese bronze casting, we can produce to MIL specifications with excellent precision and a fast turnaround. Three common MIL specs, MIL-B-24480A, MIL-C-22229, and MIL-STD-2175A are met at Erie Bronze and Aluminum. The MIL-B-24480A spec ensures good corrosion resistance for general seawater applications, military tank fittings and other comparably large machines. The MIL-C-22229 spec is the standard for copper base alloy castings which are used in pressure tight applications. Other applications include marine castings, gears, gun mounts, and bearings.  The MIL-STD-2175A spec is the overall classification and inspection of ferrous and non-ferrous raw material castings like manganese bronze castings.

SAE International Specifications: SAE-J462, SAE-J461 and SAE-430B

SAE International provides various specifications for manganese bronze metal castings used in the aerospace, automotive, and commercial vehicle industries.. The three most commonly used specs for the C86300 manganese bronze alloy include: SAE-J462, SAE-J461 and SAE-430B. The SAE-J462 spec recommends the chemical and mechanical requirements for copper based casting. The SAE-J641 spec is used for the wrought and cast copper alloys to maintain the electrical and thermal conductivity properties, mechanical properties, yield strength, fatigue characteristics, formability, and machinability of copper. Lastly, the SAE-430B spec relates to productions of large valve stems, hydraulic cylinder parts, and other industrial applications.

Our extensive sand casting expertise combined with our capability of casting materials to specific military (MIL) and SAE International specifications, makes Erie Bronze and Aluminum your first choice for all manganese bronze sand casting needs.

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