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Aluminum Bronze Castings Manufactured to the ASTM B148 Specification

Tim Robbins / September 27, 2022

Aluminum Bronze Castings Manufactured to the ASTM B148-18 Specification in Erie, PA

At Erie Bronze our team specializes in the sand casting method to produce aluminum bronze castings including those manufactured to the ASTM B148-18 specification. This casting spec calls for precise work with copper base alloys and establishes the requirements needed to ensure quality sand castings. If your current job requires castings manufactured to the ASTM B148 specification, we invite you to contact Erie Bronze today to begin taking advantage of our 20 years of casting experience.

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Metals Alloyed In-House using a SPECTROLAB Metal Analyzer

Erie Bronze utilizes a SPECTROLAB Metal Analyzer to confirm that all alloys we pour are produced to your exact specifications. By smelting our alloys in-house, we avoid costly delays that can arise when sourcing castings that do not meet chemical requirements. Smelting our own alloys also allows us to utilize various different raw materials and remain competitive in today’s market.  

Common Applications for ASTM B148-18 Aluminum Bronze Castings

When contract manufacturing customers require aluminum bronze castings meeting the ASTM B148-18 specification, they need a highly corrosion resistant alloy that lends the ability to withstand harsh environments. This alloy is resistant to tarnishing from sea water, which makes it an ideal solution for various marine applications including valves and general mechanical parts as well as a popular solution for sleeve bearings. If your current job’s drawings call for the ASTM B148 specification, we invite you to contact our team to discuss your needs.

A Supplier of Aluminum Bronze Castings with Competitive Lead Times, Superior Quality, and  Economical Pricing

With the technical expertise of specializing in bronze sand castings our team at Erie Bronze has developed production workflows and Quality Assurance programs to ensure efficient production and timely completion. With our processes running smoothly, we can comfortably provide competitive lead times and low-cost production, making us an ideal choice for your aluminum bronze sand castings. This combination of low cost, competitive lead times, and casting quality has made Erie Bronze the trusted foundry of precision oriented entities including the US Military and large OEMs. 

In addition to our devotion to quality, we maintain ITAR registration and compliance, which ensures that castings for defense-related contracts remain compliant with this important regulation. No matter the job, we strive to offer the most high-quality casting work at the most competitive prices possible, and this includes aluminum bronze castings manufactured to the ASTM B148-18 specification and more.

We Have High Volume Production Capacity, and Offer Value Added Services Including Machining and Heat Treatment 

At our facility, located in Erie, Pennsylvania, we maintain four  electric furnaces, each of which offer a maximum melting capacity of up to 2,000 pounds. This capacity makes us an excellent foundry choice for jobs small and large. In addition to our elite sand casting work, we offer a range of value added services that include heat treatment, machining, logistics, and more. With this suite of capabilities, you can choose Erie Bronze for everything ranging from ASTM B148-18 castings, to packaging, to end point delivery. 

Throughout our decades in business, we’ve established long term relationships with large OEMs that rely on Erie Bronze over other suppliers because of our comprehensive service offerings, our reliability, and our quality.  These customers know that we can problem solve, provide engineering support, machine, finish, and ship their castings with the specifications and timeline they requested. If you need ASTM B148 Spec sand castings, or sand castings from other bronze alloys, we would appreciate the opportunity to quote your project. 

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