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Aluminum Bronze Casting Supplier: Aluminum Bronze C953 for Marine Equipment, Welding Jaws, & Gears

Erie Bronze & Aluminum is a non-ferrous sand casting supplier specializing in bronze alloy castings. Serving numerous industries, we cast a variety of non-leaded bronze alloys including Aluminum Bronze C953. Aluminum Bronze C953’s excellent corrosion-resistant properties in seawater, chlorides, and dilute acids make it an attractive option for needs in the chemical and marine industries. Its typical uses include nuts, cams, gears, pickling hooks and baskets, steel mill slippers, welding jaws, and marine equipment. Aluminum Bronze C953’s exceptional corrosion resistance and high strength at elevated temperatures help make Aluminum Bronze C953 a top choice for these applications.

Choosing Aluminum Bronze C953 for Your Bronze Alloy Castings

Erie Bronze & Aluminum produces Aluminum Bronze Alloy C953 to meet several ASME, ASTM, and SAE bronze casting material specifications:

  • ASTM B148: This specification establishes requirements for sand castings produced from copper-base alloys.
  • ASTM B763: This standard specification for copper alloy sand castings for valve applications.
  • SAE J461: This specification is used for cast copper alloys to maintain the electrical and thermal conductivity properties, mechanical properties, yield strength, fatigue characteristics, formability, and machinability of these alloys.
  • SAE J462: This specification focuses on cast copper alloys used in aerospace, automotive, and commercial vehicle industries.

Aluminum Bronze C953’s welding characteristics give it an edge over other metals and metal alloys. It is considered an excellent material for gas shielded arc welding, and is also suitable for coated metal arc welding, soldering, and brazing, making it a versatile metal alloy for various fabrication practices. Aluminum Bronze C953 is considered non-sparking and is well suited for working with chemical and gas products. This bronze alloy is an excellent electrical and thermal conductor, making it an ideal choice for these applications.

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