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Nickel Aluminum Bronze Alloy 700XX Applications & Properties

700XX is used as a mold material in the glass container industry and other high temperature controlled heat transfer applications which experience severe wear conditions at elevated temperatures. The higher nickel content gives 700XX increased resistance to wear and corrosion compared to alloy 690, thereby making this alloy an excellent choice for neck rings and bottom plates.

Corrosion Resistance

Over many years, 700XX has proven itself effective in the extremely corrosive atmosphere of glass bottle production. However, when using 700XX, avoid using a sulfur based swabbing compound as a release agent. When the sulfur in the swabbing compound comes into contact with 700XX time after time on a production cycle, a reaction called dezincification occurs. Sulfur attacks the zinc content in 700XX, thus creating pits on the surface. To increase component cycle life, always use a non-sulfur swabbing compound on both the blank and finish side of your operation.

Welding Instructions

Spray welding is the recommended procedure for the repair of a 700XX casting. Use a nickel based powder for filler metal in the spray welding application. Castings being repaired using this method are to be preheated to 500° F – 800° F, depending on the casting size.

Nickel Insert Information

Nickel inserts are available in 700XX neck rings. Nickel inserts are placed in the high abrasion areas of the neck ring to increase the casting life span. The inserts are mechanically bonded during the casting process. Nickel inserts are typically made from alloy FB-30 or FB-40. The inserts inside diameter can be no larger than 1.750 inches. Insert placement will need to be reviewed and approved by EBA Engineering for proper seating and mechanical locking assurance.

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